What I learned after riding my bike to work for three weeks By

AUTHOR Amy Graff  Thursday, May 9, 2019

After losing my parking space at work last month, I pumped up the tires on my 22-year-old Stumpjumper and made a plan to start biking to work.

I dreaded the first day when I would have to give up my comfortable commute with heated seats and NPR for a strenuous and cold ride under a blanket of San Francisco fog.

Now, I’ve got three weeks of the new commute on my wheels and I’ve learned the chill, with the wind blowing in my face as I speed down Market Street, is a refreshing way to wake up (though I still miss my news updates from “Morning Edition”).

In fact, I’ve found biking to work is actually life-changing. I’m in better shape without paying $50 an hour for a personal trainer and the added exercise and the decrease in stress from not driving has improved my mood.