Sausalito bike safety project included in county plan

A safer route for bicyclists who perilously pedal along Alexander Avenue to get to Sausalito is part of the latest iteration of the county’s bicycle and pedestrian master plan.

The 175-page master plan maps bicycle and pedestrian use in the county for the coming years with a goal of creating safer routes that ultimately ease traffic. Introduced in 2001, the master plan was last updated in 2008.

“The main focus is closing gaps where you have known (safety) issues,” said Dan Dawson, a county planner who helped develop the latest plan.

One of the projects identified in the plan is a way around busy and steep Alexander Avenue, which leads into Sausalito.

In the past decade the number of bicyclists coming from San Francisco over the Golden Gate Bridge and into Sausalito has proliferated. On Alexander Avenue those bicyclists mix with motor traffic that travels nearly at freeway speeds.

“It’s extraordinarily dangerous,” Supervisor Kate Sears said last week as the bike plan was reviewed

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