Regional decision makers are considering transportation projects for a $100BN Faster Bay AreaBond Initiative

North Bay Transportation System 

Map prepared by David Edmondson and Jeffrey Rhoads  

This transportation diagram is designed to look like a transit map. It focuses on rail, ferries and a main line multiple use path system (North-South Greenway/Great Redwood Trail) for the North Bay, Wine Country, and Redwood Empire. The project aims to address sustainability of the
non- radway portion of our transportation network. It’s intended to convey a vision and encourage discussion.

Regional decision makers are considering transportation projects for a $100BN Faster Bay Area Bond Initiative.  The North Bay counties will need to weigh in on what to include in the initiative.

The concept is based on the following principles:

A seamless connection between the SMART rail line and a ferry terminalcloser to the open bay will improve our connectivity to the core of the Bay Region and reduce travel time on the water, resulting in increased ridership.

The bay provides free right-of-way accessing multiple destinations.

A larger ferry/rail terminal on a larger site would allow for increased capacity and access to more destinations including more berths, a bigger turning basin, and more train storage.