Clipper Card Transit-Payment System May Get $461-Million Update

Author:Bay City News Service

The Clipper card transit-payment system, originally designed in the late 1990s and used by San Francisco Bay Area commuters for BART, bus lines and more, may get a major update to improve equipment and technologies, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission announced today.

The commission’s operations committee has recommended approval of a $461 million contract proposal from the Clipper system’s creator, San Diego-based Cubic Transportation Systems Inc., to develop and implement a comprehensive update.

The proposal will go before the full commission Sept. 26.

The current Clipper system was originally launched in the Bay Area in 2006 under the TransLink name. Aging equipment and old technologies have made the system increasingly obsolete.

The update would modernize station card-readers in hundreds of stations and on thousands of buses and trains. It would offer mobile phone apps for reloading accounts, improve the system’s privacy protections and integrate with other transit providers like bike-share programs and Paratransit.

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The Automotive Liberation of Paris

The city has waged a remarkably successful effort to get cars off its streets and reclaim walkable space. But it didn’t happen overnight.

For all the attention Paris gets for its transportation woes—awful smog, endless strikes, traffic jams—the city’s remarkable shift away from the car arguably deserves more.Wrap your head around this: in terms of mode share, driving within Paris city limits has dropped about 45 percent since 1990, according to a recent paper in the French journal Les Cahiers Scientifiques du Transport. Meanwhile, the share of cyclists has increased tenfold over the same timeframe. Transit’s mode share has risen by 30 percent.

Vehicle-kilometers per hour, between 7 am and 9 pm, in “intramural” Paris, since 1990. (Fréderic Héran)

For comparison’s sake, the share of trips made by car in New York City has shrunk since the 1990s, too. But about twice as many trips still take place inside a car. Check out the graph below, from the New York City Department of Transportation, to see how the cities’ mode share shifts stack up over time.

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Peek a Boo…We see you Remi!

Photo by Nikki Smith – Safari West Animal Handler

Safari West’s collection of giraffes just got bigger – celebrating our 38th Giraffe Birth!

  • Female Born: August 18, 2018
  • Birth Weight: Approx. 120 pounds
  • Birth Height: 6  feet tall!
  • Mom: Kalula – this is mom’s 4th baby

Dad: Kubwa – this is dad’s 1st baby!

Senator McGuire’s NCRA Trail Bill Passes State Assembly

Bill is historic first step in creating the Great Redwood Trail master plan, addresses NCRA debt & liability concerns

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Sacramento, CA – Senator Mike McGuire’s landmark legislation that seeks to turn the crumbling 300 mile North Coast railroad line into the Great Redwood Trail passed the State Assembly today on a vote of 62 to 3. The bill will be voted on by the State Senate tomorrow and will then head to Governor Brown for his signature. The Trail, which would extend from San Francisco Bay to Humboldt Bay, runs through some of the most dramatic landscapes on earth.

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