Ride transit to reduce your carbon footprint 

60% of greenhouse gas emissions come from vehicles on the road. Each day tens of thousands of North Bay commuters who ride public transit are reducing CO2 emissions and protecting our global climate.

SMART riders reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 33% compared to completing the same trip in a car.  To-date, SMART riders have prevented 8.1 million pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from being released into the environment—and they multiplied this reduction by connecting to and from the train station using low emission forms of transportation such as walking, biking and other public transit.

You can be a Green Commuter too! Ditch your car, if only for one day a week, and take public transit. It’s easy, economical and a great way to reduce your carbon footprint.

What Does This Street In Zürich Mean?

Author Norman Garrick

Above is a picture of a pretty typical city street in Zürich, Switzerland.What do you see?In some ways, this scene represents a kind of Rorschach Test for transportation and urban planning. If you are a passenger on a tram riding on one of the two sets of rails that take up most of the street, this scene represents freedom of movement and a sense that transit is privileged in Zürich. If you’re a pedestrian, this is a relatively comfortable street to be on, with useful services, restaurants, and a few interesting stores (check out the model train store at the corner with Haldenbachstrasse). If you’re on a bike, this, like most other streets in Zürich, is OK, but not great.

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Virgin: Construction on high-speed train between Las Vegas and California could start in 2020

Author:Associated Press |

VEGAS  — Construction on a high-speed train between Las Vegas and Southern California could start late next year if bonds are approved by February, the company planning the project said.

Virgin Trains USA executive Tina Quigley told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that work will begin first in California, where state lawmakers recently approved a $3.25 billion bond request.

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SMART Will Begin Passenger Service to the New Larkspur and Novato Downtown Stations on December 14, 2019

Friday, December 6, 2019 – 3:40pm
Petaluma, CA— At the December 4, Board of Directors meeting, SMART General Manager, Farhad Mansourian, announced that passenger service to the new Larkspur and Downtown Novato stations would begin on Saturday, December 14.
The new Larkspur station will offer a vital connection to the Bay Area for commuters and visitors alike via the Golden Gate Ferry.  The Larkspur station will also serve as a gateway for tourists wishing to visit Marin and Sonoma counties.  SMART will be working with business leaders to attract visitors to travel by train for tourism and recreation to the beautiful North Bay.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies: SMART invites the community to join the celebrations marking the opening of the two new stations.  On Friday, December 13, at 1:00 PM, SMART will host a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for the Larkspur Station, followed by festivities at the Marin Country Mart.  The following day, Saturday, December 14, at 10:30 AM,  the City of Novato will host a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for the Downtown Novato station.

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Toronto’s secret success: Suburban buses

Jonathan English is a Toronto-based PhD candidate in urban planning at Columbia University.

In discussions about the recipe for transit success, the key ingredient is always land use. Is there enough density? Is it walkable?

Certainly, these elements are very important. But the assumption that land use must be perfect for transit to succeed has led to fatalism about the fate of transit in neighbourhoods built around the car. Climate change is an imminent crisis. We need a way to get people out of their cars faster than we can rebuild the suburbs where most people live. Fortunately, Canadian cities such as Toronto are a model of successful transit in seemingly unlikely environments.

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