Bikes, trains and roundabouts suggested as Napa County congestion-easers

Napa County’s wine industry bring tourist by the carload.  A commuter/tourist train coupled with shuttles is one element of a comprehensive solution to Napa Valley’s traffic gridlock.  It is encouraging to see the County moving in the right direction albeit at glacial speed.


The Napa County Planning Commission endorsed updates to the county’s General Plan circulation elements this month and passed its recommendations on to the county Board of Supervisors for consideration early next year.

“Most significantly, Napa County must find ways to maintain and improve access, address congestion and serve remote areas of the county while preserving the area’s rural character,” the draft transportation plan said.

But how? Only one person from the public spoke at the meeting, but people wrote letters.

“We are concerned about the direct and cumulative impacts from the expansion of the wine industry and related tourism sector, and without significant mitigative action, the county’s policy goals will not be reachable,” Caltrans District Branch Chief Patricia Maurice wrote to the county.

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