Bikes and Bills—Stay Up to Date on Legislation!

By Mel Barnard

The Marin County Bicycle Coalition has put together a legislative round-up on state and federal level bills that would directly affect current and future bicyclists if passed.

  • AB 117 is a state level bill that would set aside $10 million for electric bicycle subsidies. Likely some of this funding would be targeted at low and moderate income families.
  • AB 122 is another state level bill that will allow bicyclists to treat stop signs more as a “yield”, to reflect practical biking concerns. Similar laws in other states have led to no increase in bike rider involved crashes.
  • AB 550 would work on the state level to introduce automated tolling for speeding. This would bypass expensive and flawed police officer enforcement. It would also include provisions to ban facial recognition, cap fines, etc. to avoid abuse.
  • The E-Bike Act would be enacted on the federal level to subsidize e-bikes by creating a refundable tax credit of up to 30% of their bike’s purchase price.

Learn more and how to take action on the Marin County Bicycle Coalition’s site! If you are looking for a way to get involved, advocating for this legislation is an excellent way to push for positive change.