Partner with EcoRing


  • Marketing for your green business
  • Trade show representation
  • Marketing and publishing
  • Inclusion in EcoTours
  • EcoTour Discounts
  • Networking and collaboration
  • Signage and window decal
  • Radio and television interviews
  • EcoRing event exposure
  • Email subscription to EcoLink, our Partner Newsletter

Greening Consulting Services

  • Energy efficiency, water conservation and recycling advice
  • Green business certification help
  • Business greening resource listings

Building the future of EcoTourism

  • Promoting low-carbon transportation
  • Multi-use trails
  • Water trails
  • Rail lines
  • Electric Car Charging network
  • Protecting environmental values
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Greenhouse gas reduction


To become a EcoRing Partner a business must meet EcoRing’s GREEN BUSINESS CERTIFICATION standards or, alternately, hold certification for one of the following:

EcoRing recognizes that improving a business’s environmental record is a journey, not a destination.  New understanding and new technologies make “green” a moving target.  We also recognize the financial constraints that limit what is possible for businesses to do and how fast.

Therefore, EcoRing bases its Green Business Certification on a principle of continuing improvement.   EcoRing will certify a business that commits to greening one aspect of its operations from  each of three categories listed below each year on an ongoing basis.  EcoRing will schedule an interview and develop with the business a Plan of Action specifying each measure to be taken that year.  In successive years EcoRing will schedule an audit to confirm that the specified measures were completed and set new goals for the next year.

Energy Conservation


  1. Install LED lighting wherever possible
  2. Install solar panels
  3. Change to Sonoma Clean Power EverGreen

Water Heating:

  1. Install tank blanket
  2. Install on-demand water heater
  3. Install solar water heating

Space Heating:

  1. Install weather stripping
  2. Install insulation
  3. Install double-pained windows
  4. Install EPA-approved wood stove (where permissible)


  1. Provide van service for guests
  2. Provide complementary bicycles to guests
  3. Convert to electric service vehicles
  4. Use rakes not leaf blowers
  5. Use electric weed trimmers and lawn mowers

Water Conservation

  1. Install low-flush toilets
  2. Install low-flow shower heads
  3. Check for and fix leaks
  4. Install rain water catchment
  5. Use drought resistant landscaping
  6. Install swales to concentrate rainwater on plants
  7. Use permeable surfaces for paths and parking areas
  8. Meter water use
  9. Install moister sensing irrigation shutoffs

Recycling, Waste Reduction and Toxics Reduction

  1. Provide recycling receptacles
  2. Contract with a trash hauler that sorts trash
  3. Avoid plastic items where possible
  4. Use recycled materials for construction
  5. Use washable utensils and dinnerware
  6. Use recycled and recyclable products
  7. Use nontoxic cleaning and garden supplies


  • Businesses with 0-2 employees $65 per year
  • Businesses with 3-15 employees $100 per year
  • Businesses with 16 or more employees $200 per year

Apply for Partnership

To apply for Partnership email Rick Coates at EcoRing  with the following information: