The proposed 84-mile Sonoma-Marin Adventure Trail links bayside Sausalito to the Russian River redwoods at Cazadero. The route traverses rolling oak woodland hills, bucolic farmlands, ancient forests, and provides views of the San Francisco Bay and Tomales Bay. It is a path through history and the varied landscapes of Marin and Sonoma Counties.

Map of the Sonoma-Marin Adventure Trail. Click to see larger version.

The North Pacific Coast Railroad carried tourists, lumber, and agricultural products over this route more than 100 years ago. Today, the Adventure Trail would increase recreational opportunities, provide an alternative route for commuters and tourists, and boost business in nearby communities.

Since 2008, EcoRing has been encouraging Marin and Sonoma County officials to convert the historic right-of-way of the narrow-gauge North Pacific Coast Railroad, built in 1871, to a multi-use trail where possible. Much of the original right-of-way in Marin County is already multi-use trail. EcoRing proposes connecting and extending these trail segments all the way to the Russian River in Sonoma County, on the original right-of-way where possible.  For more information Contact Us.

The following portions of the Sonoma-Marin Adventure Trail currently exist as trail or bicycle-friendly rural roads, from south (Sausalito) to north (Cazadero)

In Marin County:

In Sonoma County:

  • Nature trail behind Harmony Elementary School
  • Occidental Camp Meeker Road (1 mile rural road)
  • Moscow Road, from Monte Rio to Duncans Mills (3 miles rural road)
  • Cazadero Highway, from Highway 116 to Cazadero (6 miles low traffic road)

Goals in partnership with sister organizations and local governments:

  • Reopen the Alto Tunnel, which would link and extend existing multi-use trails in Mill Valley and Cortez Madera, Marin County

    • Connect the Adventure Trail to the Great Redwood Trail and the SMART Pathway at Baltimore Park (Larkspur) and the  North South Greenway .
    • Add a segment of  the Adventure Trail Along Tomales Bay which can double as the California Coastal Trail.

What EcoRing is doing:

  • We have researched the Adventure Trail route and determined that the majority of the right-of-way is owned by federal, state and county government
  • We are building a coalition of businesses and individuals to press both Marin and Sonoma Counties to link and complete this trail
  • EcoRing has started a branding campaign to raise awareness of the potential for this trail
  • We have made presentations to service groups and provided history tours of the original right-of-way
  • In cooperation with the Occidental Community Council we have researched and designed and installed a kiosk display for in front of the Union Hotel in Occidental
  • Adventure Trail signs may also soon be posted along the redwood-shaded rural Occidental-Camp Meeker Road which was once the railway route
  • We are working with the Mill Valley Historical Society to place a similar kiosk along the former railroad route at Escalle.


We wrote a series of articles in the Sonoma County Gazette exploring the route of the Adventure Trail (previously known as the Heritage Trail):

  • Part 1: Sausalito to Corte Madera
  • Part 2: Corte Madera to Fairfax
  • Part 3: Fairfax to Point Reyes Station
  • Part 4: Point Reyes Station to Valley Ford
  • Part 5: Valley Ford to Cazadero

See Map

Key stops along the Adventure Trail/North Pacific Coast Railroad:Sausalito, Mill Valley, Corte Madera, Larkspur, Kentfield, Ross, San Anselmo, Fairfax, San Geronimo, Lagunitas, Point Reyes Station, Marshall, Tomales, Valley Ford, Freestone, Occidental, Monte Rio, Duncans Mills, Cazadero


We need volunteers to help with public relations, public agency advocacy, writing and editing, tour coordination , property title research, grant writing and many other tasks.  If you have skills in any of these areas and would like to help, contact Rick Coates at