Green Business Program

Going green is a worthwhile endeavor, not only for our environment but also for the welfare of small businesses everywhere.

The greening process is not instantaneous though. It takes time to accomplish this worthy goal. The good news is that if you contact EcoRing for help you’ll find that a lot of the work has been done for you. EcoRing has greened dozens of businesses in Western Sonoma County. In fact, EcoRing is the only organization in the country to have certified more than thirty businesses as green. That’s a big deal and it’s cutting edge.

Not only that, but the EcoRing greening process mirrors the Sonoma County green certification pilot project. That means that once the county completes its project, your business will not only be an EcoRing certified green business, but also will be certified green by Sonoma County.

EcoRing is offering FREE greening to just about any company who signs up with us now. Through a variety of grants, EcoRing hopes to be able to green another hundred business this year.

Contact us today and get your businesses name on the “Going Green” list. Don’t “waste” another minute!