EcoRing Green Business Certifications

EcoRing recognizes that improving a business’s environmental record is a journey, not a destination. New understanding and new technologies make “green” a moving target. We also recognize the financial constraints that limit what is possible for businesses to do and how fast.

Therefore, EcoRing bases its Green Business Certification on a principle of continuing improvement. EcoRing will certify a business that commits to greening one aspect of its operations from each of three categories each year on an ongoing basis.  EcoRing will schedule an interview and develop with the business a Plan of Action specifying each measure to be taken that year. In successive years EcoRing will schedule an audit to confirm that the specified measures were completed and set new goals for the next year.

In addition to the primary EcoRing Green Business Certification, there are four other Certifications available:  Bicycle-friendly, Watercraft-friendly, Electric Car-friendly and Equestrian-friendly.