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Biking in San Francisco: What you need to know before putting foot to pedal.

Author: Chris Roberts Jun 14, 2019

look at you! You did it. You weighed the cons and pros, you made the tough calls, and you did yourself and your planet a solid. You, all by yourself, went and bought a bicycle. And now—no matter how long the gap between purchase and action might have been—you’re ready to ride.

Nobody is more ahead of the curve than you. You’ve got your helmet and you’ve got your lights and U-lock, and now you’re ready to ride around town. (If you do not have any of this basic equipment, please go and acquire it before proceeding. Immediately.)

But since you’re still here and not out riding around, flying by cars stuck in soul-wrecking traffic, high-fiving complete strangers and lost in the euphoria that comes with breaking the manacles of commuting or traveling by transit or car, we may assume that you’re now grappling with the next logical question: “Now what? What do I do? Where do I go—and how do I do it?”

Relax. I am here for you.

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SMART Announces Full Service to Downtown Novato Station

Service planned to begin by end of year

Post Date: 06/12/2019 5:00 PM

At last night’s City Council meeting, Sonoma Marin Area Rail Transit (SMART) General Manager Farhad Mansourian announced that Novato’s Downtown SMART Station is expected to be completed by end of year 2019. He further announced that the Downtown Station will be a full stop station meaning that this station will be part of SMART’s regular schedule.

“We’d like to thank the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, Transportation Authority of Marin, and SMART for helping to bring this important City station and full stop service to Downtown Novato and our community,” said City Manager Regan M. Candelario.

“This is huge news for Novato,” said Mayor Eric Lucan. “Having a full, regular stop serving our downtown station gives all residents more convenience and flexibility. It also makes it easier for people to commute to jobs or visit Downtown Novato.”

This summer, SMART will begin installation of crossing gates, shelters and station equipment, and will begin overnight testing in the fall. Novato currently has two SMART stations, San Marin and Hamilton. The Downtown Station, completely funded by the City of Novato and regional transportation grants, is two blocks from the new Marin Transit and Golden Gate Transit bus facility on Redwood Boulevard, completed in September 2017. The downtown location will be the third SMART station serving the Novato community and is located at Grant and Railroad Avenue in the historic train depot location.

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Russian River Teen Trek (ages 12-14) Wohler Bridge to the Sea

Russian River Teen Trek (ages 12-14) Wohler Bridge to the Sea

06/03/2019 09:00 AM – 06/06/2019 04:00 PM PT
  • $400.00  –  Full Price /Precio completo
  • $200.00  –  50% Scholarship – PRE-APPROVED registrants ONLY please! /Beca del 50% – ¡SOLAMENTE PRE-APROBADOS!
  • $50.00  –  Scholarship – PRE-APPROVED registrants ONLY please! / Beca – ¡SOLO SOLICITANTES PARA INSCRIPTORES PRE-APROBADOS!
  • Free  –  Staff Test/Prueba (para administrator solamente)
  • Free  –  FULL SCHOLARSHIP FEE WAIVED (only if approved)D
Wohler Bridge Regional Park
9765 Wohler Road
Forestville, CA 95446
United States of America
Spend four days on the Russian River learning how to paddle a kayak, camping out under the stars, and more!

Chinese Tourism to U.S. Cities Takes a Hit From Trade Wars

author Linda Poon May 31, 2019

Tensions between the United States and China appear to be taking a toll on Chinese tourism to America, according to new data from the National Travel and Tourism Office.

Customs data collected by the American agency show that the U.S. received 2.9 million Chinese visitors in 2018, down 5.7 percent from the year before. It’s too early to predict the impact on individual cities in the long term, says Tori Barnes, vice president of public affairs at the U.S. Travel Association, but that trade organization has been warning that a prolonged trade war could “bleed into the travel arena.”

The economic impact for popular destinations could be significant. The average Chinese visitor spends 18 days and $7,000 per trip to the U.S., according to the U.S. Travel Association.

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Caltrain forecasts 25% ridership boost from Downtown Extension


Author :Friends of Caltrain Blog

Caltrain’s modeling of demand for rail service by 2040 predicts that the completion of the Downtown Extension of the tracks from 4th and King to the Salesforce Transbay terminal would increase system ridership by 25%, adding more than 25,000 daily riders when complete.

There were more jobs within walking distance of the Salesforce Transbya terminal than the rest of the line combined, according to analysis of data from the last census, suggesting the potential for a major ridership boost; not to mention the regional transit connections to BART and buses. Caltrain’s modeling supports these logical arguments for lots of ridership.

The major ridership benefit of completing the DTX project hasn’t (yet) gotten much attention, among the wealth of detail revealed by the business plan analysis and in the flow of discussion about ridership, passing tracks, grade separations and schedule options.

For transit supporters and policymakers, this forecast about the potential for DTX ridership sparked by seems worth more attention than it’s been getting.

DTX is common thought of as a “San Francisco project” that provides value mostly to SF. But another 25,000+ transit riders would be beneficial for all the other cities where those riders come from and go to, and would help notably relieve congestion for the corridor as a whole.

As the Caltrain board, local policymakers, and community members think about the big picture of investments in the Caltrain business plan, the regional benefits of DTX are worth considering.

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