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What Does This Street In Zürich Mean?

If you see how cars, streetcars, bikes, and pedestrians use this Swiss street, you can better understand what’s wrong with so many other urban thoroughfares.

Author    Norman Garrick

Above is a picture of a pretty typical city street in Zürich, Switzerland.What do you see?

In some ways, this scene represents a kind of Rorschach Test for transportation and urban planning. If you are a passenger on a tram riding on one of the two sets of rails that take up most of the street, this scene represents freedom of movement and a sense that transit is privileged in Zürich. If you’re a pedestrian, this is a relatively comfortable street to be on, with useful services, restaurants, and a few interesting stores (check out the model train store at the corner with Haldenbachstrasse). If you’re on a bike, this, like most other streets in Zürich, is OK, but not great.

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WONDERLAND RADIO HOUR is a series of free public programs featuring stories about the people, places and history of our lower Russian River communities, from Forestville to Jenner-by-the-Sea.

Each hour showcases musicians, artists, writers and characters from the Lower Russian River Area and surrounding region. WRH is dedicated to introducing and appreciating the wide and diverse talents of our residents; from the well known to those whose abilities deserve greater recognition.

You can be a part of pitching ideas for the featured stories in your own community: CONTACT US

Following each live performance in Monte Rio the program is broadcast on our local NPR station, listen HERE.

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North Bay: Pirate’s Cove Cape

North Bay: Pirate’s Cove Caper


Sunday, September 29, 2019


9 a.m. – 1 p.m.


Free; RSVP Required.


Muir Beach
Marin County

Ahoy, me hearties! All hands on deck for a hike to Pirate’s Cove.

Our walk along the coast offers great views and bracing breezes. We’ll hear the scuttlebutt on how Pirate’s Cove earned its name and how the area was saved from scalawags planning a massive sprawl development.

Total Distance:

This is a moderate hike of four to five miles with several hundred feet in elevation gain.
Weather Policy: Rain cancels.
Where to Meet  We’ll assemble at the Muir Beach parking area.

Leaders Note:

Bring water, lunch, dress in layers, and wear good hiking shoes. Bring poles if you normally use them. If you have questions about this outing email Ken Lavin or phone (415) 543-6771 x 321.

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California approves controversial tropical forest offsets plan

As tropical rain forests around the world burn, the California Air Resources Board voted 7-4 Thursday evening to approve a controversial carbon-offsetting standard that would let companies buy carbon credits to stop deforestation.

The proposed Tropical Forest Standard would not immediately allow companies participating in California’s cap-and-trade program to combat climate change to buy the offsets — that would require further regulatory action.

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