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May 10, 2018 SOMO Village Event Center, Rohnert Park, CA


Sonoma County Zero Waste Symposium engages community stakeholders by showcasing zero waste policies, programs and infrastructure that design waste out of the system wherever possible and divert discarded materials through composting, reclaiming, reducing, reusing, and recycling.  We can eliminate waste in Sonoma County with the participation of all residents and businesses.  Together, it is possible to be a model for the rest of the community and beyond.

Zero Waste Sonoma – register today

The Sonoma County Zero Waste goal is to:

  • Educate the community on zero waste;
  • Encourage zero waste as a goal for Sonoma County residents, cities, the county, businesses, institutions, and nonprofits;
  • Support zero waste policy goals through action plans that significantly reduce waste and maximize recycling, composting and reuse;
  • Support business zero waste certification through the Green Business Certification Institute which is aligned with LEED for Buildings Operations and Maintenance; and
  • Provide a networking opportunity with like-minded organizations, businesses, institutions and residents.

Zero Waste Sonoma Symposium – Register Today


How The Humble Bicycle Can Save Our Cities

Mikael Colville-Andersen rides his bike everywhere in Copenhagen, but he would never introduce himself as a cyclist. “I’m just one of the 400,000 people riding a bike in this city because it makes our daily lives more effective,” he tells Fast Company.

The founder of Copenhagenize, a design studio that specializes in bike infrastructure, as well as several blogs about urban cycling, Colville-Andersen is well-versed in what makes a city good for cycling, and cycling good for cities. His new book, Copenhagenize: The Definitive Guide to Global Bicycle Urbanism, “is a way to bring it all together,” he says.

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Petaluma River Watershed: A Slough of Change

Come learn about an exciting report recently completed by the San Francisco Estuary Institute (SFEI) and Sonoma RCD on the historical ecology of the Petaluma River watershed. SFEI will highlight interesting details about the history of this unique watershed and share insights about how historical data can be used to improve future management and conservation decisions. Anyone interested in learning more about the past, present, and future of the Petaluma River is encouraged to attend

Date: Tues, April 17,2018
Time: 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM PDT
Location : Petaluma Community Center
320 North McDowell Boulevard
Petaluma, CA 94954