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Biking Tours

These are do-it-yourself rides although we recommend that you employ guides from some of our Partners.

Guerneville to Armstrong Woods

This is a short ride, flat ride on a well traveled, but relatively safe, road.  The prize at the end is the Armstrong Redwood Preserve with 1000 year old trees.
Distance: 4 miles (about one hour).
Rating: Easy Ride.
Route: Guerneville to Armstrong Woods on Armstrong Woods Road – 2 miles – to the State Park. Through the park – 2 miles – and return to Guerneville.

Monte Rio to Cazadero

This ride followed the Heritage Trail route along the original right-of-way of the historic steam-powered narrow-gage North Pacific Coast Railroad.
Distance: 20.5 miles (about 2-3 hours)
Rating: Medium Difficulty
Route: From Monte Rio take River Road West – 3 miles – to Austin Creek Road, Austin Creek Road North – 6 miles – to Kramer Road, Right on Kramer Road to Cazadero Highway, Left on Cazadero Highway – 0.5 miles – to Cazaderro, return on Cazadero Highway – 6 miles – to River Road, Right on River Road – 1 miles – to Duncans Mills, Left across Russian River and onto Moscow Road, back to Monte Rio – 3.5 miles, Left on Russian River on Main Street.

Occidental to the Coast

Distance: 26 miles (about 5-6 hours).  This is a lightly traveled road with incredible scenery:  redwood forest, bucolic farms, and spacious views of the Pacific Ocean.
Sonoma County Bike Trails Rating: Very Challenging
Route: From Occidental take Coleman Valley Road – 10 miles – to the coast, Left on Shoreline Highway – 1.5 miles – to Bay Hill Road, Left on Bay Hill Road – 6 miles, Left on Shoreline Drive, Left on Bodega Highway (through the town of Bodega), Left at Joy Road – 3 miles – to Bittner Road, Right on Bittner Road and back to Occidental.

Santa Rosa to Forestville

This ride follows the original route of the Petaluma & Santa Rosa Railroad from Railroad Square in Santa Rosa all the way to Forestville on the Russian River via the Laguna de Santa Rosa and Sebastopol.  Along the way you can visit whimsical and humorous metal sculptures made from recycled materials, wineries and a goat farm.West County & Joe Rodota Trails
Distance: 11.5 miles (about 1-2 hours)
Sonoma County Bike Trails Rating: Easy Ride
Route: From West County Trail Entrance at Gravenstein Highway, go to the trail end where North Main Street and High School Road meet Analy High School, Left on High School Road, Right on Occidental Road, Right on Fulton Road, Right on Chico Road, Enter the Joe Rodota Trail at Merced Avenue, take all the way to Petaluma Avenue in Sebastopol, Right on Petaluma Avenue, Connect back to North Main Street, bear Right to reconnect with West County Trail.

Grove of the Old Trees to Pomo Canyon Camp

This ride takes you from a ridge top ancient redwood grove through the redwood forest down through the Willow Creek unit of the Sonoma Coast State Park.  At the end near the Russian River is a campground and the trailhead for a wonderful hike to the Pacific Ocean at shell beach.
Distance: 27 miles (about 4-5 hours)
Sonoma County Bike Trails Rating: Challenging (Paved and Dirt Trails)
Route: From Occidental, take Coleman Valley West out of Occidental, Right at Willow Creek Road, Right onto Coast Highway, Right onto Highway 116, Cross the Russian River at Duncan Mills, Right on Moscow Road, Right onto Bohemian Highway at Monte Rio and back to Occidental.